Industrial Revolution- the comic!

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In a worldwide exclusive deal, the Railway Muddler's old friend Charlie Bedford has agreed to post a monthly comic strip on this blog. For those of you who don't know, Charlie is a mightily talented cove known for his work in industrial and transport themes, and despite being a busy little chap, has promised to continue the story to some kind of conclusion. I've told him it has to involve steam, railways and trucks and no large ladies, but you never know with Charlie. Incidentally, that Jack Steeple reminds me of someone...

Update: for further episodes, click "Jack Steeple" in the index bar on the right.


  1. this shit sucks.
    Learn how to make a god damn comic

  2. Thank you so much for your erudition and critique, Anonymous. Too bad you didn't have the guts to give your name.
    Have a nice day,

  3. The dulcet, delicate construction of this beautifully crafted piece of literature makes me wonder if the author is that lovely young lady you bumped into at Bothwell Services not so long ago?

    The artwork is great; lots of detail and some humorous touches such as the cafe menu. Mind you, it's not a patch on 'Anti Venom: The Sadists Strike Back' - now that's what I call a 'god damn comic.'

  4. I hadn't thought about that, might be right! I don't know if there's enough swearie words, though...

    Thanks, as always, for your encouragement!


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